This website will chronicle the cross country motorcycle tour of Ross and Greg Clark.
First a little history. It all started during the weekend of June 12th, 2010. While attending Greg's daughter's wedding, Ross mentioned to Greg that he only had 2 things left on his bucket list. One was jumping out of a perfectly good airplane and the other was riding a motorcycle across the country. A couple of weeks later Greg called Ross and expressed an interest in making the trip with him. The wheels were set in motion (no pun intended)!
Through an Internet search Greg found a company that rents motorcycles in numerous states. They decided to fly to San Francisco, pickup the bikes and head East. 
But not just any bikes, BMW's. Growing up they lived in a small town in Illinois. There was a BMW dealer in St. Joseph, Underwood BMW. They were too pricey for high school kids so they just had to look. There was no question what kind of bike they would ride on this trip. The bikes have been rented from EagleRider (

The trip starts in San Francisco on May 29th and ends on June 11th in Crofton Md.   They will ride North to Oregon then head East.  Each night on this site a log of the
days events, pictures and videos will be posted.
During the tour we will be using the email address:

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